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20-25T Electric Tow Tractor

The 20-25T electric tow tractor utilizes powertrain, heavy-duty brakes, and many other components. This environmental friendly vehicle produces low noise and consumes less energy, and has been extensively applied in long-distance transport. Our tract ...


Internal Combustion Tow Tractor

The internal combustion tow tractor is available in the towing capacity ranging from 1.0t to 5.0t. Combining with the advanced technology, it is specially manufactured with high maneuverability in any applications. It makes use of famous brand import ...


2-6T Electric Tow Tractor

The Hangcha light model electric tow tractor comes with a towing capacity 2-6t. It is ideal for long-travel and multi-shift applications. It adopts many components that also used in forklift truck, such as the power train and heavy-duty brakes. It is ...


10-15T Electric Tow Tractor

Our 10-15T electric tow tractor is carefully and simply designed with reference to that of the forklift truck. It consists of parts that also can be found in the forklift, including the transmission, heavy-duty brakes, etc. Due to these high quality ...

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