R Series 3.0-3.5T Internal Combustion

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R Series 3.0-3.5T Internal Combustion Specification

  • Make : HANGCHA
  • Model : R Series 3.0-3.5T Internal Combustion
  • Subcategory : Counterbalance Forklift
  • Condition : New
  • Max.-Capacity-(kg) : 3500
  • Fuel-Type : Electric
  • Max-Lift-Height-(m) : 3


The new generation R series forklift is combined with durability and ergonomics, providing productivity unmatched by other forklifts and the comfort for hours of tireless operation, Add friendliness to the environment, simple servicing, efficiency on the job, high standards of safety---it is the perfect tool for the most demanding application.

Thanks to the long wheelbase design, the longitudinal stability of whole truck is much better, the hosting capacity at same lift height are enhanced by an average of 100kg compared with former truck. At the same time, it prolongs work time of rear wheel as the reduced rear axle's load.

Easy opened engine cover and one-touch removal of the floorboard get you right to service operation, and reduces down-time

Environment Friendly
The environment friendly engines all meet related emission control regulation and GM engine meet Tier3. The noise emission also comes up to EU standard

A throttling device is set in pipe system, the mast won't result in falling control of mast even some pipes broke



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