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A Series 1.0-3.8T Internal Combustion Counterbalan

Outline Applied the advanced outline designing method, the counterbalance forklift truck is designed with stream, sporty outline. Thanks to the new design, all the exposed parts are made of metal, which is firm and reliable. Safety Thanks to the long ...


J Series 5-8.5T Forklift (Four Wheel)

Outline Modern large circular arc style, streamline surface modeling for the counterbalance forklift truck body design is in accordance with international design trend. Stability The steering brake and the lifting system adopt two independent hydraul ...


2T Premium Range Pedestrian Pallet Truck

The new Hangcha 2T premium range pedestrian pallet truck manufactured with advanced technologies is ideal for short transportation distance, while providing good operating experience to the driver. 1. This pallet truck enjoys high working efficiency. ...


Brand New Forklift XF 5.5T

1. Comfortable operation The extra foot space is provided to reduce operator fatigue significantly. The new wide-open, non-slip step makes getting in and out easy and safe 2. Reliability By focusing on enhancing reliability, reducing downtime, the XF ...


Hangcha Semi Electric Pallet Stackers

Lift height 1600mm Load capacity 1500KG Load center 500 mm Battery voltage 12 V Service weight with battery 350Kg Battery weight 40Kg Battery rated capacity 5h 120Ah Serial No 150902 Manufacture Date 220915 Adjustable leg. Please do not hesitate to c ...


R Series 8-10T Internal Combustion Counterbalance

Features 1. The internal combustion counterbalance forklift truck produces no harm to the environment, because the exhaust emission and noise level of the adopted CUMMINS engines meet EU and other related standards. Chinese engines are also available ...


R Series 14-16T Internal Combustion Counterbalance

The internal combustion counterbalance forklift truck is manufactured by focusing on enhancing working reliability and efficiency for the customer. Adopting the CUMMINS engine or optional Chinese engine that conforms to relevant standards of exhaust ...


2.0/3.0T Hi Range Pallet Truck

High Performance AC travelling motor applied to provide excellent acceleration, good gradeability, low heat, no carbon brush and maintenance free. Max. travel speed reaches to 9.5Km h with high speed and high efficiency. The latest CURTIS AC control ...


BRAND NEW Hangcha Manual stacker

Suitable for light stacking applications in confined areas and stores, the manual pallet lift truck with load capacities up to 1.0 tonnes. Built for enhanced durability and practicality, our powerful manual pallet lift truck offer the longest operati ...

Negotiable $1,925

Electric Stacker with Double Pallet (800kg, 1000kg

Features 1. The innovative AC system of electric stacker offers quick response, accurate control, impact structure, excellent performance, longer battery service life. 2. World-class hydraulic power pack, with low noise, few vibration and excellent l ...


R Series 4.0-4.5T Internal Combustion

The R series 1-5T Internal Combustion Counterbalance Forklift Truck is ergonomically designed, providing high working efficiency, as well as reliable and durable operation. Designed with long wheelbase, the whole vehicle achieves better longitudinal ...


NEW HELI 1.5T CBD15 -170G Electric pallet truck

70AH Battery, E24V 15A built-in charger, 685mm 1220mm forks,Total Weight 275 KG,Rated Capacity 1500KG Model CBD15-170G Configuration No 170G Rated Capacity 1500KG Rated Voltage 24V Total Weight 275KG Total Weight Without Battery 227KG

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